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What Makes Disney's Wilderness Lodge Unique

While every hotel at the Walt Disney World Resort has something that makes it special, there's just something about the Wilderness Lodge that takes it to the next level. Maybe it's the grand lobby or could it be the geyser? What do you think makes the resort so unique?

The Top 5 Things We Love about Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Everyone loves Disney’s Wilderness Lodge for different reasons and we all know there’s a lot to love about the resort from the pool to the lobby to the great dining options. With that in mind we decided to list the Top Five Things We Love about the Wilderness Lodge.

New Furnishings and Design Elements at Wilderness Lodge

Today we're happy to share with you some pictures of the 2012 Refurbishments made to Disney's Wilderness Lodge! The new style elements create a warm feeling reminiscent of Indian Trade Blankets of days gone by. The deeper red, white and black colors of the lobby add to the feeling of the Pacific Northwest.

Wilderness Lodge Lobby

Disney World's Wilderness Lodge lobby is a busy, bustling and majestic, but it's also cozy -- and a true work of art!

Wilderness Lodge Totem Poles

Even though the Wilderness Lodge opened recently -- in 1994 -- the resort is steeped in history and culture. Imagineers and architects spent years developing the intricate details of the resort, including the famous sentinels of the lobby -- the totem poles.

Eagle and Raven Clans
When you first walk into the resort, you can almost feel the presence of two massive, 7-story, authentic totem poles. They're located on either side of you as you look toward the back of the lobby out onto Bay Lake.

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