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Wilderness Lodge Resort Mugs

Refillable mugs can be purchased at Roaring Forks Café and in the mercantile at Wilderness Lodge as well as most of the counter service restaurants and gift shops at other Walt Disney World Resort Hotels. While they used to be unique to each location, since 2006 they have become one standard design all across property. I understand that it saves the company money, but honestly I miss the unique resort mugs.

Water Mice at Teton Rentals

You see them speeding and sprinting across water ways around Walt Disney World, but no where can you have more fun in these two-seater speed boats (commonly referred to as “water mice”) than when you take off to explore Bay Lake from Teton Rentals at the Wilderness Lodge.

Fort Wilderness' Trails End Restaurant

Just a short boat ride away from the Wilderness Lodge lies one of my favorite "secret" Disney restaurants, the Trails End at Fort Wilderness. With it's hearty down home cooking and easy on the budget prices Trails End offers a meal that just about anyone will enjoy. A favorite with Camp Ground Guests for years, few not staying at Fort Wilderness make the trip to eat here. I think that they're missing out.

Put Your DVC Villa to Work

Though my family has been DVC for several years, we had never really used our Villas to their full advantage until this last trip. We loved sleeping in the deluxe environment, but we had never really put the room to work for us. However, faced with making some tight budget decisions on our Orlando Vacation, I feel like I’ve discovered a secret beauty to staying in a villa.

Drop the Kids Off At the Cub's Den!

A couple of weeks ago I talked about Date Night at the Wilderness Lodge and what a lovely place it is to spend some time with your sweetie. However, many of us go to Walt Disney World on Family Vacation and bring our kids along. How then can a couple have a romantic night out? Wilderness lodge has the answer to your baby sitting woes with the Cub’s Den.

Full Kitchens at Disney's Wilderness Lodge Villas Bring Families Closer

Picking a resort for your Walt Disney World Vacation can be both one of the most fun and most stressful parts of your planning. With so many choices available you want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your vacation dollars; for some families that means the convenience of having all the amenities of an Orlando Condo with a Disney Villa.

Attention to Detail: The Creation of Day and Night

Disney is famous for it’s attention to detail, and WDI spends a huge amount of time researching through legends and history to be sure that they get the story right when they retell it with their creation of theme. Even the subtlest details can tell a story. Something as simple as a light fixture may spark the imagination of a guest walking by who finds that they have a connection. It’s this attention to detail and dedication to theme that makes Disney Resort Hotels so special and why millions choose them for their Orlando vacations.

Fun Family Dining at Wilderness Lodge's Whispering Canyon Cafe

Walt Disney World Resort has a fantastic number of options for dining during your Orlando Vacation. Mealtime traditions at our favorite hotel evoke the grand lodges of the late 1800s and are captured at this fan favorite restaurant with an American West motif. The Disney Imagineers stirred up a doozy when they concocted the homelike feeling and old-fashioned cooking style that are the highlights of Whispering Canyon Café at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

Date Night at Wilderness Lodge

Though it may be surprising to many people but romance is everywhere at the Walt Disney World Resort and a couples escape can be a fantastic reason to book your next Orlando Vacation. Date night is on! Why not enjoy it at the Wilderness Lodge?

New Logo Merchandise at the Wilderness Lodge Gift Shop

Last month a reader asked me what sort of Wilderness Lodge merchandise is currently available at the Wilderness Lodge Mercantile. I made sure to snap a few photos while I was there during my last Walt Disney World Vacation.

I must admit that I found some of this cute new gear pretty tempting, but I stayed strong and just brought home these pictures just to share with you!

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